A business is a relationship between an entrepreneur and his client. In the case of ecommerce, the relationship is between a retailer and his customers. Ecommerce, in short, is the trading of products or services with a consumer. Since ecommerce and e-commerce has become one […]

What is the difference between retail and Ecommerce? It is nothing more than a few design details but nevertheless it has a huge impact on your business. On the internet people are constantly looking for cheaper products but most of the time they are in […]

What is the difference between ecommerce and traditional commerce? Online business is widely used and used nowadays. There is a lot of difference between the two. Online trade is usually done via computer with internet connection. It’s an electronic trade or transaction which you can […]

You could consider it to be short for Electronic Commerce (as all the best ones are). The more traditional spelling (as in in as in architecture) is now considered outdated and antiquated. One of the great advantages of E commerce is that the transactions can […]

What is the meaning of e commerce business? It is simply defined as doing business online and in other words, using the internet to sell your products. Your business will now be on the internet and online business has grown exponentially. By using the internet […]